The Ultimate Guide To Cross Platform App Development Frameworks

It is also based on Apache Cordova, an open-source framework, and stands as the best cross-platform android app development for top-level developers to use in 2021. This technology was rebranded as PhoneGap after being owned by Adobe Systems in 2011. Practically, it is a hybrid development framework for mobile applications, but it also works as a web-based framework. React Native allow you to create native applications and uses JavaScript as a programming language to build apps. The strong side of React Native is that you can write modules in languages such as C, Swift, and Java. The best part is you can work on image editing and video processing that aren’t possible with the other API frameworks.

This means that aid built with React Native look Native and provide high performance at par with apps built specifically for iOS or android. Cross platform at development frameworks are specially built to create apps that can reuse the same codebase and deploy the app on any platform. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular cross platform app development frameworks in 2022. Ionic is a cross-platform app framework based on AngularJS and is one of the most unique and popular options available in the space.

The Nielsen Company used Sencha to build its web-based reporting platform. It provides flexible on-the-fly processing to generate insights from consumer data. With over 40 user interface controls built-in, your app will look and feel right on any platform. The thing that I love most about Xojo is that it is so fast and so easy to go from idea to working application.

Flutter Is An Open Source Framework By Google For Building Beautiful, Natively Compiled, Multi

Another way, the app’s scalability, and usefulness are improved by coordinating the single source code with numerous plug-ins and extensions. It allows developers to design mobile and game apps ten times faster. The backend framework works magnificently and is based on Lua, a lightweight, and multi-paradigm programming language. The language concentrates on the most critical aspects of development, such as extensibility, speed, scalability, portability, and ease of use. Sencha Touch, which was first released about a decade ago, aids in developing web-based cross-platform apps.

From ideation to launch, we follow a holistic approach to full-cycle product development. Seamlessly integrate branding, functionality, usability and accessibility into your product. We enhance user interaction and deliver experiences that are meaningful and delightful. Another great thing about Unity 3D is that it also has a thriving community that allows developers to connect and resolve queries regarding the framework. It facilitates cross-platform frameworks with a unified design that puts each core function in a separate tab. You can rearrange to suit your workflow and debug memory using Timelines and adjust ‘styles’ using widgets showcasing CSS properties.

A majority of apps on the app stores don’t make enough money to cover the development costs for a single platform, let alone multiple platforms. With that said, the majority of apps on the app stores are not designed to be cross-platform, since they leverage the latest technology and APIs that a developer is familiar with. Targeting a single platform is a lot easier for a single developer since it requires less work, time, and problem-solving.

Based on AngularJS and Cordova, Ionic, like the others, is an open-source and 100% free framework. It is characterized by the ability to enable hybrid apps to not only look but work like a native app. It is simple to learn and write, and it is well supported by a large developer community. Compared to other mobile development technologies, Flutter is relatively new, but it keeps gaining popularity.

In cross-platform app development, a single and a universal app is compatible for running on all platforms. This makes it easier to maintain and deploy code as changes are made. Updates can promptly be synced over all platforms and devices, thus saving time and money. Moreover, if a bug is found in the common codebase, it only needs to be fixed once. Applications can’t be tested for every configuration, but you can test items on specific platforms and specifications to ensure it’s working as intended.

cross-platform app development tools

Allows integrations of continuous delivery systems, for instance, SCM solutions. All Node.js APIs can be regarded as asynchronous, which means they aren’t blocking. This means that servers running Node.JS don’t have to wait for data from APIs. The server can acquire a response from the previous API call using a notification mechanism programmed in Node.js. It also encourages the use of native libraries, which opens a path for customization and native-level functionality.


The tool also speeds up and lowers the cost of mobile app development because of its compile-time checking. Although Flutter is one of the contemporary cross-platform tools, it has gained massive ground in the app development market. One unique thing about Flutter is that it comes with a built-in graphics engine. This means that the hassle of creating different interfaces for iOs and Androids is solved when you use Flutter. When building a cross-platform application, it’s essential to remember that you’ll need to design for multiple screen sizes and resolutions. This means creating different layouts or versions of your UI for each platform.

Leveraging the cross-platform mobile development approach, you can create such solutions quickly and cost-efficiently. The apps built on this cross-platform development tool look and feel like native apps, and that is because Xamarin uses native interfaces that work in the way users want to use them. It also comes with a plethora of features such as code editing, UI designing, and debugging. With cross-platform development, you will have limited opportunity to a phone’s feature set as all devices have different functionality. As a result, you might deal with some issues regarding user experience, because all devices have their own functionality and platforms.

cross-platform app development tools

The best approach may be to target your biggest platform first, keeping portability in the back of your mind, but being willing to sacrifice it in order to get the first release out quickly. We work on the best platforms to build scalable and impeccable enterprise-grade solutions that help to gain market revenue. We build software products tailored to the significant demands of a business and its processes.

Yes, You Can Build With That

One of the best features of this cross platform development tool is that it’s free to use. If you’re building an app that’s for a two-dimensional game, you might want to consider using Cocos2das your cross platform development tool. You’ve got to take these elements into consideration when you’re analyzing cross platform development tools. For example, if your app is being built strictly for the Google Play Store then you’ll use Android Studio for native app development.

cross-platform app development tools

Budgeting, however, is usually an issue if businesses go for native apps. This is why cross-platform app development has emerged as the unrivaled choice of businesses that aim for a presence on both Android and iOS. The four platforms are separate executable distributions, although they come largely from the same source code.


Keep up with the latest changes and updates to all mobile operating systems. Among the most popular apps built with Flutter are Google Ads, Xianyu by Alibaba, eBay Motors, and Hamilton. You want to share UI components between your apps but you want your applications to look close to native. These issues raise the question of whether the end-user will notice a difference between native and cross-platform apps.

  • The benefits of this approach are apparent from the stories of the companies that have already adopted it.
  • Finding developers who are qualified enough to manage any problems that you encounter in the maintenance and development of your app.
  • Today, as the competition in the app development sector becomes severe, businesses are looking forward to getting the most out of their projects.
  • This will get updates pushed to the users who have tested your app to make sure that everyone works on the most recent version.
  • Over time, emerging technologies have made cross-platform development more adaptable, powerful, and flexible than before.

When choosing between native and cross-platform app development, there are several aspects to consider as both present unique advantages and disadvantages. But, as all good things, the price point for native apps is relatively high when compared to cross-platform apps. Engineers can create mobile apps via a framework or programming language that they are familiar with, to work with platforms that they may be unfamiliar with.

An application framework is a software framework used by developers for building mobile applications. It is a library containing all the necessary tools required to develop an app. I’ve built applications with cross-platform tools and then users want additional features that are only a part of the native platform. Do you spend a lot of time trying to create a more native looking platform?

Distribute React Native App To Google Play Using Codemagic Ci

I don’t like Android hardware, animation frame rate, responsiveness, or development tool chain. We get asked a lot about the same topic and know for a fact it’s a hot topic of discussion. So, we went out and asked some of the top product development experts about their views on when should an entrepreneur build a cross-platform app – not whether should build or not. As a decision-maker, it is crucial to assess the flip side of hybrid app development.

The testing framework can engage with multiple devices simultaneously for efficiency test coding. HTTP server available for iOS and Android to manage WebDiver sessions. Appium supports tests in any framework and language, making it possible to automate native, mobile, hybrid, and web applications. Cross Platform App Development As a result, interaction modes are different and more diverse, ranging from gestures, touch, type, natural language, and more, further expanding the digital user journey. This reflects the natural journey application users are on, looking for experiences that support their modes and devices.

However, they do not offer the easy solution that they might appear to. The other thing is somebody like Apple, may mandate a new way of doing things which may mean you need to make a fundamental change to your app to keep it like iOS. If you are in a cross-platform, you may find that leaks across to the other platform. So, if you want to build a cross-platform app, check how that will change your core product. So, you produce a product version one, you make the specializations or the special changes to ensure it is smooth on iOS and Android.

Build Native, Cross

It’s great for high quality graphics and can help you create games much faster than coding the entire app from scratch. Unity3d has a network of developers and experts called Unity Connect. If you join this network you find help and get questions answered if you’re having trouble with something.

Top Frameworks For Developing Cross

That is to say, it caters to HR consulting companies that develop apps for employees. Cross-platform mobile app development or hybrid mobile app development allows developers to build a solution compatible with several operating systems and platforms like iOS, Windows and Android. The Ionic framework has shown substantial potential in terms of its ability to help developers create native mobile apps and Progressive web applications .

How To Choose The Appropriate Hybrid App Framework?

When budget plays an essential role in the development process of a mobile app, you can go for open-source, cross-platform mobile app development tools. It would be a wise choice as startups have a lot of things to spend their money on, for instance, paying salaries to employees or renting a modern office, so you should spend your budget wisely. Cross-platform mobile development is another type of app development that allows your product to run on multiple mobile operating systems and is written in a single programming language. When the code for an app is ready, it goes through a middleware that translates it into the native APIs of iOS or Android.

As a result, this simplifies making a user interface and achieving a flawless user experience. React Native helps build apps on many platforms like iOS, Android, and web. React Native adds simplicity, the developers make complex tasks simple with uncomplicated codes. Use the same development tool and friendly programming language to build native apps for multiple platforms. If you are a small company or an independent developer who wants to create a simple app, you might use Ionic. Large firms, agencies and enterprises that need powerful solutions may opt for Sencha, Xamarin, or other hybrid app development tools.

A robust cross-platform tool will protect your data and security and ensure that both you and the development firm remain safe from data breaches. According to research by Statista, 83% of businesses target launching an app on Google Play, and 59% of respondents develop apps for Apple’s App Store. Mobile cross-platform development may become your advantage when applied appropriately.

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